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Image Resizing Help

Started by Rage'n Renegade, January 03, 2004, 10:42:45 AM

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Rage'n Renegade

You can upload a picture or graphic with your post!   

Images must be either a .gif, .jpg, or .png file.

The image must be smaller than 55k in size.  Most images downloaded from digital cameras or other sources are much larger than 55k.  The better digital cameras yield two, three or even more "megapixel" images that print with great detail.  But for web usage such as email and posting, a smaller image file has the advantages of being easier and faster to send and download.  To make the files smaller in size, you will need a way of "compressing" them.  You can compress files in software such as Photoshop, PaintShopPro, or others.  If you don't have photo editing software with compression capabilities, you can do a search on Google. 

Once you have the software, open the image you want to compress, and first select "save as" and write in a new name for your image.  This will assure that you will not overwrite the original and lose it.  Once you have saved your file under a new name, first resize the picture.  Always think in "pixels" for web use.  Many people still use the basic screen resolution of 640x480, so that is the largest you should size the file.  Although you will find it easier to keep your file under 55k if you assign it a width of 400 pixels or so.  Nothing hard and fast here, you can experiment. Also, set the resolution at 72 dpi.  Your computer's display monitor can't display anything over 72 dpi anyway, so anything higher is "wasted".

After you have set your resolution to 72 dpi and resized your image to 640 pixels wide (or less), then choose "save".  Depending on the software you are using, a dialog box will come up with a slider, or drop-down box, asking what "quality" you desire.  Again, for web use, choose a "low" quality, or if a number, choose one toward the lower end of the scale.  There is a definite trade-off here, detail vs. file size. Experiment a bit until you are satisfied with the results.  The advantage of all this is that now you will have a much easier way of sending photos in email to your friends.  Good luck!

So in short, there are three simple steps:
  1.  Set resolution to 72 dpi
  2.  Resize image to 640 pixels wide or less. 
  3.  Save using a lower quality level

To edit With Windows Paint: open image in MS Paint.   Select IMAGE and STRETCH/SCEW, change the 100% values for the width and height.  Save as whatever you want to call it.