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Thought I should post a quick rip about some of the stuff we\ve been farting around with in the shop a while back but never got to it.  Fom called me over the weekend, and that kinda gave me a kick in the ass that I should have done this a while back.  

1) SLP Powder Pros
 I've had them on both a 04 121" Doo X, and a 136" 'gade, both sleds are impressive with the skis on them. However, the 136" feels more at home with these skis.  The longer track seems to stabilize their agressive nature a little more than the shorter tracker does.  Their on the 121 right now and that's where they'll likely stay for time being, because there is no ski I've tried on the REV that bites quite like these do.  They float, they never seem to wash out, the bite is always there, and when the do get a little loose, it's pretty predictable.  Their a mean looking set of skis, and that does translate into more steering effort.  Darting is there, definately more than the Precisions, but not out of line compared to other single keel skis.  I'm running about 5/16" of toe out, and darting isn't too bad, but I have plans to build a frame jig soon where I can pull the shocks and take a look at the camber.  I think a slight degree positive (outward) would make things slightly more stable too.  Suspension settings are completely different from stock or whenever the heck they were.  At this point, I'm essentially completely backed off the front end, wound down in the front skid shock well over half way down the treads, and have the rear coupler blocks set at 2, with minimal coupling.  Thi isn't the way I want to do it, if this is what it needs, I'll get a stiffer center shock, I don't belive in preloading the crap out of a spring to get ride height.  These are the closest skis I've found to be perfect for the REV, but they still aren't for the weak armed, Sunday Drivers, or Tourers.  The effort is worth it in the corners though.
Performance - 9/10
Value - 7/10
Looks - 9/10 (look purty)
Install - 10/10 (my mom could do it)

2) Dynamo Joe S6X Clutch Kit
Limited miles on this setup, but boy does it rock.  G-tech batteries were low, however, we picked up 4/10's in 660, I'm pretty happy with that.  I'm positive that I can gain more with some fine tuning, as I haven't completely diale din my pin weight yet.  I'm running Joey's kit with a purple secondary, 24.5g of Dalton Stainless adjustable pins, and standard BRP belt in standard compound.  Backshift is awesome, throttle always seems right there, I can't justify a roller secondary with this setup anymore.
Performance - 10/10
value - 9/10 (Helixes/pins are friggin expensive, but for this kind of money it's pretty tought to pick up 4/10's!)
Looks- 9/10 - that helix machining is sexy
Install - 8/10, I hate the compression keys they use to hold the helix don

3) HJC CLX4-Cell
 Nice helmet, fits really well.  I kinda wish the chin area would have some sort of balaclave built to it, little too much air seeping around in there, but can easily be fixed.  Spy Blizzards fitin the opening like they were made for the helmet.    Paint is top notch, decals look like theyhave litle chance of tearing off
Performance - 8/10
Value - 7/10
Looks - 9/10
Install - 6/10  (My melons too fat)

More reviews later today...

All my riding buds put powder pros on the REV X 121's this year and don't know how they ever kept up with the precision skis. They love teh powder pros and have ton more confidence now. Ski alignment is important when switching to a more aggressive ski.

Local guy put a set of PP on his "03 rev. Almost made the sled impossible to ride. Way too aggresive. What did you guys do to make these work on a rev?


--- Quote ---Local guy put a set of PP on his "03 rev. Almost made the sled impossible to ride. Way too aggresive. What did you guys do to make these work on a rev?
--- End quote ---

It shouldn't be anything scientific. Just makes sure your toed out around 1/4" with bungie between skis.. I rode them and didn't notice much for darting. They felt great and hooked up in the turns.

Not a fan of the powder pro's for trail riding, mine are sitting on the garage wall. For hardpack the precisions are excellent and I don't know why anyone would want more steering presure for no other apparent gain.  Perhaps I'm just week armed Sunday driver tourer. :)

I bought them because I was un-happy with the precisions in powder and they are way superior in this regard. If the proportion of riding I did was more offtrail I'd leave them on, but 95% of my mileage is aggresive trail riding which the precisions work better than any ski I've ever tried.

I'm keeping them for my future renegade/switchback purchase to see if they balance better.



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