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Where did he go?

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He got married and went off the deep end when obama got elected and then his republican roots were shook to the core when his ultraconservative governor(walker) put the hammer to teachers salaries and retirement (he was a teacher) and the union,  all the while striking a deal with the police union and giving them raises and better retirements for supporting his whammy on the wisconsin teachers.   Embarassment maybe keeps him away now.  Him and twinky tho managed to hammer each other pretty goodd I hear and may have caused some career changes for both. I'm not sure but I heard that maybe Stroker had some serious health setbacks - which would have adversely affected twinky  - as I remember the first time I met them they showed up t the shack in matching Polaris pants and bibs and I think I overheard them commenting on their matching panties. 

Anybody know whatever happened to Groomerdriver?   

Way back when me and Indy 6 attended a "Porker Run".  Indy and I rode most of the day around the Mercer area then met up the the group later at the cabins near Pork's shack.  This was before social media as we know it today, no Facebook, Twitter, etc... if I recall, not even sure how information was shared back then online other than sites like this or email. Regardless, pictures of the group were taken at the tavern and shared here and Marm was not impressed, I agree with him on this BTW.  Ended up someone he worked with or maybe it was someone who knew his family shared them.  Personally I didn't think the content was that bad but I don't know who received them or how they were perceived but that was the end for him around here. Me & Indy 6 were not in any of the pictures but the whole mess ended us wanting to attend future group rides so we never went back.

- 2qik

I conversed with schoolmarm periodically through his school email for a couple years after one of the porker runs.  Then, he just stopped replying.  Last I remember he was trying to save some $ to by his folks's house or land or something along those lines.

Marm & Thinker


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