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Maxim Hot 100
« on: June 10, 2009, 09:48:46 AM »
Lol! they put Aunt Esther at #93 - - I am sorry, but I wouldn't even put this silverback in the top 1000! FWIW - my top 100 would include black women, just not the one's that look like their from Planet of the Apes, so stuff your 'racism.' There's some SERIOUSLY hot woman after the first lady silverback, you need more proof the media has been bought and paid for?

Luckily I saw through Maxim's BS long about the time the rag first came out, haven't picked one up since... 'People' tabloid have her on their list as well. WTF?

100. Deanna Russo
99. Melissa Rycroft
98. Rebecca Mader
97. Marisa Tomei
96. Olivia Munn
95. Padma Lakshmi
94. Yvonne Strahovski
93. Michelle Obama

UHHHHhhh Ohhhhhh - - The pic below reminds me of the 80's, glad she's breaking style ground, just when you got over rolls of fat covering Levi labels on hip huggers, Michelle is bringing back the elf outfits and belts complete with stirrup style stretch pants... Women everywhere will embrace her beauty and her style, meanwhile roles of gay activists continue to climb, wonder why?

I mean really, THIS makes the top 100???

Hilarious and I HATE the French! Though, they do have a waaaaaay better first lady, Michelle knows this!

What's Willy got to say about all this????