How's this season going so far...?

Started by David, January 09, 2023, 06:17:44 PM

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Hit the Northwoods of Wi between Xmas and New Years.  Heading up again later this week.  Still on the'20 ZR 8000.

Hope everyone is doing well.  I'm a Grandpa now, so Emma keeps us busy when we're not riding...

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Quote from: freak on January 08, 2011, 09:31:08 AM
You're not the dalai lama of sled appraisals bro   :biggrin: :beer2:
You never see a snowmobile parked in front of a Psychiatrist office.


Not good here in NY. Got a few days of rideable snow in the higher elevations of the Tug Hill area between Christmas and New Year, but it melted fast and nothing since. 26 days with only a total of 0.6" of snow, and nothing to speak of in the long range.