Author Topic: 12/23/2011 Sayner Barnstormers  (Read 541 times)

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12/23/2011 Sayner Barnstormers
« on: December 23, 2011, 08:59:22 AM »
Conditions right now are tough to report for two reasons: First, conditions vary greatly. Second, opinions on what makes a decent trail vary greatly. The few riders that have been out there, report that some areas are pretty good and there is at least a decent snow cover everywhere, except for road routes. However, we have sections of trail, such as trail 11 from Sayner to Ross Lake Rd that have some pretty deep chuck holes that have been pounded out from vehicle traffic. We won't even begin to be able to fill those holes until we get a minimum of at least 6 wet inches. Be prepared for a few areas that were wet and are rutted from 4 wheel drive truck traffic. These ruts can take control of your skis and flip you before you know it. These sections are mostly on trail 51. Trail 11 from the intersection with trails 6 & 9 (south of Ross Lake Rd) to the intersection with 11 & 51, remains closed due to logging.

It was reported that Plum & Star Lakes have been marked - whoever marked them; thank you! However, stay by the markers if crossing. Other lakes are not yet marked so do not cross.

Bottom line - if you ride; expect the unexpected and most importantly, always ride smart. If you ride smart - you ride safe!