Porker 2012

Started by snopork, September 29, 2011, 07:22:03 PM

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Just talked to CNC - he's sounds like he's comin up - maybe late wednesday


Be up there late thursday night with fireball Dave.  Plan on stopping by the FLI for a night cap or 2. 
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Last weekend we rode the short section of trail from the powerline junction in Mani Waters to Chucks, {Ace's now?}. Poor conditions there.
Didn't go north, but within 3 miles south on the grade the snow improved markedly.
Summer SUCKS!!


If you guy get down near ST G on Saturday I'll be at the radar run off and on throught the day. Look for one of these

Summer SUCKS!!


Hi greekboy how's the porker run going, I hope we could ride together this season.


Gotta talk to Chris, hoping we can plan another trip soon !

Porker run was fun, but it would have destroyed your new machine. Horrible riding conditions. Heck, we rode miles and miles on end without any snow at all. Depressing year to own a snowmobile, for sure.