Author Topic: Snowmobile Breast Cancer Rallies in 7 states w/ Pink Ribbon Riders  (Read 2706 times)

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Snowmobile Breast Cancer Rallies in 7 states w/ Pink Ribbon Riders
« on: September 28, 2011, 04:59:11 PM »
Hey guys!
    The Pink Ribbon Riders are hosting Seven (7) Snowmobile Breast Cancer Rallies across Seven (7) States this winter.  Sign up today to be the first in your State to help raise money for this non-profit grass roots organization with all money raised staying in your State to go toward helping to financially assist patients afflicted with this life changing disease.
    It is a fun two day event that includes welcome parties with food, raffles/auctions, give aways, contests and music, an all day organized snowmobile ride and a banquet dinner. We all know someone suffering with Breast Cancer.  You can make a difference in someone's life today!  Come out, have fun, raise lots of money for friends, family and your neighbors and maybe even get a chance to go play with a pro rider.
2011-2012 Snow Run Tour
- Jan. 6 & 7 - 6th Annual Minnesota Run
- Jan. 13 & 14 - 3rd Annual North Dakota Run
- Jan. 27 & 28 - 6th Annual Michigan Run
- Feb. 10 &11 - 8th Annual New York Run
- Feb. 17 & 18 - 5th Annual Wisconsin Run
- Mar. 9 & 10 - 1st Annual Colorado Run
- Mar. 16 & 17 - 5th Annual Wyoming Run

Pre registration is required, no later than 3 weeks prior to event and space is limited for some locations. Early bird registrations are available on our website. 

Please check out our website for more information!